ITV Desk allows you to shoot in real-time in high definition, picture and sound (+microphone) on your computer's display on a video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). Each terminal with the Microsoft Windows operating system can be equipped with a solved ITV Desk application. The ITV Desk is ideal for controlling POS cash registers, casinos, education, healthcare, banking, control terminals, or even controlling workforce staff.

The ITV Desk Solution can capture everything that the camera-focused security camera can not. The ITV Desk consumes very little resources and can work completely hidden and protected from the computer user. The automation starts at Windows startup and connects with NVR or DVR video recorder.

Reduce the cost of video surveillance

ITV Desk is a software solution designed to replace the expensive hardware components used to monitor the screen activity on the desktop in the administrator's background. You do not need a warhead encoder or stand-alone high resolution IP camera. The ITV Desk can monitor the sound and video screen of your computer and switch it to your video recorder via the Onvif protocol.

ITV Desk Solutions Purpose

The ITV Desk can be used at various locations such as computer monitoring in banks, supermarkets, cash terminals, testing / certification centers, SCADA terminals, or for personal purposes in which a Windows computer is used.

For example: Remote Video Surveillance through a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or TV.

Recording the activity of a computer VMS/NVR

ITV Desk is a program based on the ONVIF global standard that ensures interoperability between IP-based security products regardless of the manufacturer. Allows viewing and recording screen activity with any VMS / NVR program that supports the ONVIF protocol.

It can stream: H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG video stream and G711, G726, AAC, OPTUS audio stream.